At The Movies
  • Is there no hidden panel today?

    • Whatever this thing is you speak of, it's being worked on. Wanted to get the comic out first =)

      • mrlescure

        Ah, thank goodness it's done.

    • david

      wait what??????? O.O
      what is this hidden panel you speak of? and more importantly how do I see it?

      • jacko

        move your cursor-me-bob over the white space at the bottom right of the comic & click on the slice of bread that appears…

        • DavidM

          Haha, invisible slices of bread that magically appear. What is this guy on.


          • Orgrider

            YAY! it's like replay value on a game.
            I get to go through every comic all over and see something new.

  • Sometimes I have to poo.

    • I Like Penguins

      we ALL have too poo sometimes

  • Marcello

    i love their faces, so cute!

  • reader

    Funniest Invisible Bread comic in a while 😀
    Getting a huge cup of cola and always having to hold in pee for an hour and a half is one of the suckiest parts of going to the movies 🙁
    Now that I think about it, I shouldve just finished the cola and used the empty cup to pee in! 😀 After all its dark and people do shadier things in there -_-

    • andar

      They totally should reinstitute the Intermission. I know I'd be more likely to buy popcorn and soda that way.

      • Evilweirdo

        That is an excellent idea. Listen to this man/woman/robot.

  • Oraticus

    Remember, this movie will result in 2 hours of nigh-on endless restroom visits. Make sure you stay hydrated.

  • I once had to pee half way through a movie. I held it, but it wasn't easy, especially when there was a rain scene at the end. The pain was terrible.

  • hoomanbeink

    I haven't peed during a movie since the first Fantastic Four, but then I don't get drinks at the cinema either 🙂

    • I've even made it a habit to not drink anything for an hour prior to the movie start time. Gotta play it safe! Really safe!

  • Bonzai

    The art style of the movie people is phenomenal and I shall compliment it and its creator.

    You're pretty, Justin.

    • mrlescure

      Well, movies are in HD after all. And we all know we need HD glasses to see life in HD.

  • fishfriend

    I had to pee during most of Finding Nemo in the theatre

  • I had a giant drink when my dad surprised me and took me to see "the Return of the King." I had to go and, I kid you not, I missed the GHOST part!!! >:(

    Of course, the rest of the movie was epic enough to make up for it. 😀

  • ALWS

    I like the "Do YOU have to pee?"– it reminded me of Dora the Explorer.

  • ALWS

    The sweat running down his back… dripping onto the floor, drip drip drip… drip drip… drip… drrrip… drip……… drip… drip… drip… dripdripdrip…… drip drip.
    Hold on a sec, I need to use the facilities.

  • Those movie people look surprisingly cinematic. Nice job!

    Also, is blue-shirt guy going to get a piggyback ride from green-shirt guy?

    • ALWS

      Yeah, it's a nice effect… like watercolors, maybe? Just lighter colors and no borderlines?

      No, he is going to physically climb over him, possibly knocking him to the ground, in the pursuit of a urinal. …I suppose it's possible that will end in a precarious piggyback ride.

  • very funny

  • C.J.

    I had the exact same experience in the Matrix:Reloaded as well (even peed during the same scene). They had those huge Matrix cup promotion, man that was a lot of drink!

  • Matt172

    thats a 5 star movie right there

  • In the bonus panel "watching" should be "making" or "making us make"

    • you are a weirdo you are not allowed to use my website ever again

      • guest

        You're not Justin Boyd! You don't have the invisible bread icon! plus the REAL Justin Boyd would never be so mean!

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  • Well this is something that might have happened to most of your at least once in your life. It is something that you even would have had a good laugh about too. and its quite weird that it has happened to most of us.

  • Cliocat

    i forgive you.

  • ClioCat

    Love it!!!

  • Jimmy 2

    This is a good one, both comic and the comments