Post-Test Blues
  • efanwoo

    Aw my heart is warmed. To approximately 99.1 deg. Fahrenheit. Yay for new friends!

  • Abcxyq


  • John

    If he passes this, he will move on to the "Bedroom Activities" practical test.
    Fortunately the internet has loads of prep material – and that material covers *EVERYTHING*.

  • Kate

    Extra panel, you understand me so well.

  • Duth Olec

    Do you also have vivid memories of ways you've met girls, because I can name 3 comics where this has been the plot.
    Okay, maybe not name them, but I remember them.

    • Yeah, quite vivid. Most of these are how I could have approached situations I experienced, but instead I just sat back being awkward about girls.

  • ALWS

    Justin, does he have food on his face or is it just a dimple?

    • Nekro13

      I believe it is a TOH. Tear Of Happiness. I would be crying to if a day went that well.

      • ALWS

        TOH spelled backwards nicely describes what he thinks of his classmate.

    • It's a food-chewing dimple.

  • Bonzai

    "No brain, that's weird."
    Beautiful. Also, any time I hear of a bad history test, I think of the European History test I had where the last multiple choice question was "In 1860, how many steamships were running on the Mississippi River?"

    • ALWS

      Uhhh… 1,860?

    • DavidM

      "234 instead of the usual 233. Marty was sick."

      I don't even know a proper order of magnitude estimate.

  • the bonus panel made me laugh.

  • warmie

    <3 aaawzer

  • Leah Valdez

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