• his son would not be able to handle the powers of the moustache.

  • John

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the moustache comment meme was started.

  • Sct

    What does an ascii moustache look like?

  • Gabe

    With great moustache comes great responsability.

  • which begs the question, did Justin have a moustache dad?

  • John

    # ..!!…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..!!.. #
    # .!…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..!. #
    # !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
    # .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. #
    # ..!!!!!!!!!!!!……..!!!!!!!!!!!!.. #

  • Ewo

    Moustaches have coding powers because they kinda look like a sideways curly bracket.

  • Warning : do NOT try this with a disguise moustache.

  • Bill

    Why does he have no mustache when he says Phew?

    • His moustache powers deplete his physical moustache. It blips away as the powers of it are used up.

      • Steve

        Then why did he get it back? I'm confused 😛

        • He had to put on a fake one so that his son would suspect anything.

  • Abcxyq

    Justin, what is it with you and facial hair related super powers?

    • I think it's because mustache.

      • *moustache.

        • Yup!

          • andar

            Reminds me of the action hero in Dexter's Lab whose powers are granted by his amazing beard. So Dexter creates a beard invention and becomes a superhero. 😀

    • Mythril

      I mustache the same question.

  • Sir Library Eater

    Is moustache dad related to John! from LHT?

  • Evilweirdo

    A Moustache Dad shirt is hereby demanded!