At The Counter
  • Zera

    This is exactly what I do even with a phone. I would usually fiddle through my phones menu and put it back in my pocket.

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  • Nekro13

    And that is precisely why I have a 3DS to occupy my time. That and I still own a Blackberry without any games on it. The face in the hidden panel screams "I want to kill you right now"

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  • Colin

    You're in Michigan? Whoa, we should hang out sometime!

  • Supertoast

    I feel like this everytime I go some place and there is a wait. I like don't want to seem like I'm impatient. But it is very awkward. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that looks at everything lol.

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  • reader

    Just carry around a small book or documents or newspaper in your bag…
    Who am I kidding no one uses paper anymore :p

    • Nekro13

      I still use paper…. I still have books (Granted, most of them are hard to find releases or based on games) but it's still paper. Plus, paper can be used to roll a cigarette.

      • joesz

        yeah…..a cigarette.

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  • Places where this kind of thing happen should have mandatory Gameboys with Tetris on to give to consumers while they wait.

    Not actually _give_ them the Gameboys though (that'd just be silly), but instead have them attached to those metal chains like they do with pens at a post office.

  • sparkplug54

    What's wrong with a little conversation? Oh, yeah, that's a forgotten thing for most people.

    • John

      I don't converse with storefolk.

      They are dull and just want to sell me phones. I'd rather stare at a spot on the counter and figure. that. shit. out.

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  • Mythril

    I have been on both sides of this. Because I work IT administration+support.

    I suck at conversation. 🙁

  • swenka

    How about they make a "This-sign-here-to-read-during-awkward-silences" sign to post behind counters?

  • John

    It's still not as bad as elevators 😛

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  • It’s easy to occupy yourself when you have a phone but without a phone, oh boy.