My Band
  • The sheer oddity of this is hilariously funny! xD As usual, great job! 🙂

    *Compliments! Compliments! COMPLIMEEEEEENTS!*

    • actually… imma go tweet that now. Hang on…

  • Adam


    • Seth

      That's an A sharp, isn't it? Just one half-step above an A.

      • Yup!

        • Bonzai

          A# to E is a diminished fifth, also known as the devil's interval for its evil sounding tone.

          So metal.

          • Jake

            …also known as a tritone

      • Naturality

        I prefer to think Adam is sitting by a piano and is playing an A# quizzically.

  • Evan

    the plot thickens! maybe…

    (referring to The Programmer storyline which doesn't have its own comment section…afaik)

  • Patricia

    THANK YOU for repping CiL! It's one of my favorites and so is this one. Not enough people read either!