• Sakubo

    Haha, I love wings too !

  • Alphonse

    I may now have to loudly declare every time I find my magic wing number to rub it into those overwinged people's faces at BW3s.


  • SouthOfHeaven97

    The extra panel haha.

  • The restaurants make a lot of money on wings. they bring you out some seasoned bones, you gnaw on them for a while, then they take them back into the kitchen, wash 'em, reapply seasoning, and bring 'em back out to the next customer for 50 cents each.

  • ActualHuman

    "We both really lost" Ha! Loser talk!

  • theANdROId

    I love wings too! That was always one of my most favorite homemade meals growing up…still is really!
    I'm kinda spoiled to that though…while I still always like wings, I never seem to appreciate them nearly as much when eating out as I do when making them at home. :-/

  • Barney

    36 wings? Challenge Accepted.

  • reader

    Man, wings sound soooo good
    although I doubt I have ever had one in my life
    I am missing so much ._,

  • Anthuny

    I read that line in panel 4 as having a major wingboner…

    I think… I need to tone down on the ponies…

  • Mike

    There is a bar in a remote town in Canada that had an everyday special – buy a pitcher of beer, get a free order of wings…
    After a few pitchers, we started ordering more beer, just for the wings.

  • This reminds me of an article in mad magazine where they had situations where they were"a winner and a loser"

  • Reading about the trivia and understanding of not eating of the Loser, are the main things to which you consider most, and the message will spread soon to others.

  • Lauren Brown

    There’s a panel missing from this comic. I’m on mobile and could have sworn there’s a panel where the guy on the right says they both lost.

  • Byron Williams

    hes like ME!