Scary Story
  • bilbs

    the REAL invisible bread is how you get to the hidden panel

    • dylan647


      • A person

        Foolish mortal! You are unworthy to receive the blessings of the hidden panel!
        I mean… What hidden panel? There's no such thing!

        • dylan647

          I found it now

          • Joshua Browning


    • Joshua Browning


  • Bethan

    This must become a hashtag on twitter!! #spreadthebread DO IT NOW!!! I like it 🙂

  • Parker

    I might retweet this now…

  • Jim

    Saw it coming.

  • Justin

    I love how you draw the kids sitting cross-legged. Spaghetti limbs!

  • Marcello

    Hahaha love the shocked expression

    • theANdROId

      I feel like that needs to be a t-shirt…though maybe without the "hit me" part of the line…I know too many people who would take it literally. -_- :-S

      • Guest

        Yes, I agree. The shocked face needs to be a t shirt!

  • Ima start reiterating things I say with 'dot com' for emphasis

  • Cosmotic

    Let's do MvM! I don't like killing my favorite comic artist over and over!

  • Bonzai

    Did you high five yourself when you came up with this? If not I will high five you now.

  • Boomsta

    I'm wondering if the bad grammar was for real or was a feign this entire time…

  • Tyler

    I saw the fun of the TF2 on steam, but I was stuck sitting at my computer putting together some homework all flipping weekend like a sucker. I hope you have another, because I'm pretty jealous that I missed out on the fun.

  • Normal guy

    Hey Justin, just a simple question. What is the reason behind your swear word free comic? I admire you for that. Are you just a plain good guy or something. This proves that a material can be funny and witty witout the use of such words. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks man!

      For the no swearing thing, it's actually just how much comics come out when I think them up. I don't really swear in real life either, so it make sense that my comics mirror me in that way. I also find a lot of humor in simple things (putting on shoes, dishes, cooking) as opposed to stuff where swearing would make more sense.

      Well, I guess you could swear at your dishes, but that probably wont do much.

  • crashsuit

    My favorite part of this comic was this great comment I, crashsuit, am typing right now!

  • Ty Jones

    This reminds me of Arrested Development, perhaps inspiration?

    • I've never actually watched Arrested Development, if you can believe it. It's on my list of shows and movies that I really should have seen by now.

  • invisiblechan

    lol, at first I was like "omg" but then "I see .." XD

  • Firesuite

    There was a TF2 match? Awwwr dang I missed it :<

    Also, way to plug your own website on your own website. Have you no shame?

  • Matt


  • Sono stato molto contento di aver trovato questo sito. Voglio dire grazie per il vostro tempo per questa lettura meravigliosa! Io sicuramente mi sto godendo ogni post e ho già salvato il sito tra i segnalibri per non perdermi nulla!

  • The only REAL scary part is the bonus panel. Not that there is a bonus panel in the bottom right of the comic! I should stop typing right about now.

  • shubhdeep

    that was not scary . go to another website for comics people these stories are stupid that is why i am a guest . all people who listen to me are really cool and who would not like to be cool the point delete your accounts people because this is stupid and if you like this website so much your a dork ,like me. p.s i looooooooooooooooooove this website totes. bye also neros1234 is a weirdo

  • shubhdeep

    is federico some kind of french person

  • shubhdeep

    firesuit and matt are weirdos also anybody online right now it is 1:57p.m

  • coolkid
  • Poopy McGee

    Every Hey Arnold episode ever.