• Starchie

    You have a really amazing webcomic, and I look forward to every new one. Also hello to all you new readers! I bet you are all really nice.

    • Thank you!

    • Pablo

      Thanks! I guess you're awesome too!

    • GUEST

      That's $130!

  • compelledorphan

    They all smell funny though….

    • Patrick

      Is it possible that you simply haven't bathed your monitor in a while…

  • The Shaq Who Isn't

    "Kyle wasn't the most business savvy man, but his store lead to new forms of currenc, which in turn promoted innovation. He created the path for the future through barter, compliments, and gum."

    And this is why we need stores like this.

  • diggitydan

    I love the positive vibe this comic gives me before I head out to work. Sometimes I feel greedy when there isn't an update and I'm like "dang it why isn't it updated yet so I can get my good vibes goin!?" then I remember you are busy too lol

  • Yo mamma so nice even the gangster who wanted to steal her purse is all like pardon mlady it was rude of me to try to steal ur purse, i apologize and will never do a bad thing to other people imma life and will also prevent others from doing so… Thats how nice she is… And didnt even had her morning coffee firts. Boi!

  • …so does that mean I can rob people by insulting them? >:)

  • Chris Kopcow

    This should happen.

  • Nero

    until the hidden panel i actually found this depressing because i thought that he was so lonely that he wanted complements more than money.

  • perv passerby

    mm…"alternate paying methods"…hawt

    • Wow, you really match your name.

      • neros1234

        What the hell past me

  • Oraticus

    I'm just amazed that guy got exact change in compliments for a $111 order on his first try. I'll give him a $2.53 compliment on that achievement… Bravo!

  • Like uh Sombodeeeee


  • Ha! Love it. Been reading these for a bit now, love all of them. First tiem posting though 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting! Oh yes, and of course, thank you for the reading =)

  • Ren

    Where does he work making only $111 a week??

    • Minimum-wage job part-time? Pretty common, though for youngsters usually.


    I'm almost complimenting. Just have to add a pli to the middle while I'm commenting.

  • Humphrey

    Grammatical error on the 4th panel: "I'd pick YOUR'S" Your's? Yours*?

    • BreadCrumbs

      Actually it is "your's."

      • Upon further review, it should be the apostrophe-less yours. I just love adding extra apostrophes sometimes.

        Thanks for the heads up! I'll fix this once I get my laptop out at some point today.

  • aarya

    Hey…I am loving all the comics here. And while I might not comment on all of these I just want to tell you you are doing a great job. Now off to your archives.