A High Five
  • Technicality

    Next time, try looking at the other person's elbow. If both participants do this you have a very high chance of hitting a Soaring High-Five!

    • HighFiver

      Darnit! Beat me to it. That's the one tip guaranteed to make awesome high fivage every time. If by "awesome" you mean "bright red hands for a day", of course.

      • The red hand is the trophy for a great high five. Show that thing off all day long!

    • theANdROId

      …how does looking at their elbow help? Wouldn't you chance missing for not keeping your eye on the target? :-/

      • Anthony

        It seems counter-intuitive, but that trick has never failed me yet. More often than not, it results in immensely satisfying high fives.

        • theANdROId

          So…when someone came to me for a high five, I decided to try this little tip…

          …best…five…E-V-E-R!!!! It was crazy! I can't imagine how it really worked, but it did!!

    • Kit

      Doesn't work if there's a significant difference in forearm length between the two participants. So don't do it to little kids!

  • Let's be honest for a second… today's comic is a metaphor for sex. Am I right?

    • Nope! This comic is about high fives!

      A high five is what happens between two people after something awesome happens.

      • shotty

        like sex

  • Chris Kopcow

    Red Shirt casts High Five!….He damages himself!

  • Gary H
  • I've always wondered… is it "practicing" or "practising"? What I've learnt is that "practice" = noun while "practise" = verb…

  • Spartan

    I recognize that Ip Man reference anywhere.

  • Ren

    That was like a high five O…

  • Bubbles

    High Five consultant!
    I need to learn how he did that.

  • CAV

    For some reason I laughed. Nice comic XD

  • BRMBug

    Quite possibly my most favorite IB yet.

  • InfernalSpawnODOOM

    During the little four panel montage, I heard "YOU'RE THE BEST! AROUND! NO ONE'S GONNA EVER KEEP YOU DOWN!!!!"

  • moonsugar

    Seventh panel. Obviously a brohoof.

  • Jeanie

    This is just like that episode of Adventure time

  • zachsary

    who want to do a double high five
    | |
    ( ` ` )
    ( ^ ^ )