The Yo-Yo Man
  • ActualHuman

    What type of ammunion do yo yo's take? And how would you reload? And where is the yo yo man so i can buy some? Why am i asking so many questions?

    • They take 0.5mm hollow point bullets.

      Reloading is done by buying a new yo-yo or through a procedure that only the yo-yo man can perform.

      The yo-yo man is busy protecting the streets with his yo-yo justice.

      • ActualHuman

        But why am i asking so many questions? How do i stop? Why is it so hard to stop asking? What is the square root of 2,342,748,137.325797438?!?!?!?!?!?

        • We have no idea why, that would be your problem. You can stop by stopping. Because people like talking. 48401.94352839354.

          • In the wise words of C S Lewis, you stop when you reach the end.

      • Azamoth

        Streets… being protected… by "yo yo" justice…
        Yo dawg, That be fuckin' gangsta.

  • NonsenseSauce

    Do they come in tiny flamethrower and/or tiny grenade launcher versions?

    • Yes, but those are $3 a piece.

      • rachina


  • HunterJE

    Is it national webcomic about yoyos that hurt day? (

    • Oh man, that is such a random coincidence!

  • Alright guys, I just got a box of military yo-yos from my supplier. Please form a line if you would like one.

    • IHaveNoCreativeName

      I'll take a yo-yo weapon if there are any left! I even have $3 for the upgrade!

    • Katie

      *Cuts to front*
      I WANT ONE!

  • —-

    The military yo-yos can't acctually kill someone right? My neighbor just got some of thoose for his birth day and he's using then so much. I'm afraid it might one day kill me.

    • It's like dying from paper cuts; It's very unlikely but yeah, I guess it could happen!

      • —-

        Oh, my god! hes using them right in front of our house! He motioning us to come twords him…im afraid…

  • Aita

    And meanwhile, all I can think is "Yeah, but Bridget's Yoyo would eat that guy's face off… BATTLE OF THE YO-YO WARRIORS!"

  • Chris Kopcow

    I hear they are writing West Side Story 2 and all the gangs use these

  • ImNotYourMom

    Ain't those yo-yos dangerous? You could say that they're not too enjoyable :S

    • alonzo

      yep my frend had some…………………………sniff

  • I'll take a yo-yo weapon

  • Velociraptor

    what is wrong with the mom’s hair

  • Dave_Harmon

    In the game Terraria, yo-yos are quite useful weapons, from the Wooden Yoyo that a beginning player can craft, all the way to the fearsome endgame weapon, the Terrarian. They also have tie-ins with a real (deluxe) yo-yo manufacturer.