My Shirt
  • Kal

    that happened with myself and another guy in the studio the other day. worst day ever 🙁

  • Tye

    You should just say hello to the stranger and then agree to pretend to be a gay couple until you are able to safely escape.

    Works every time.

    • AureateScribe

      Or that you were just cloned, and matching t-shirts is the lovely parting gift the institute provides. If they ask why you don’t look alike, say that cloning hasn’t exactly been perfected yet.

  • Now I'm dePRESSED! >:(

  • Lifer

    Get a life !

    • i £> club penguin

      You r right IM NOT A DUDE ! IMA DUDETT!

  • AureateScribe

    On the upside, that shirt is indeed epic…

  • Aita

    Yeah, this is the best part about not caring what society thinks… Also, I only own two shirts that I enjoy wearing outside (I only leave the house about twice a week), and neither one of them is common at all… (one's a double-sided map of NZ, the other is a shirt from a bar that has a jolly roger on the back and the script "Work is for those who don't know how to plunder."

  • Craigin

    This is why you don't wear clothes.

    • Octothorpe

      "Oh no, he's wearing the same shade of skin as me!" D:

  • Guest

    Awesome HIMYM reference in the secret panel duuuude!

  • Echnaret

    As I buy all my clothes from department stores, none are particularly unique. I'm actually surprised I don't run into people with the same shirt more often.

  • SassMonster

    Please make that Epic Shirt so I can pay you for it <3

  • Jordan

    the invisible bread is in the bottom right corner in all comics, click it to extend the comic.

  • Mr Blocky

    Reminds me of "Balance of Terror" from the original Star Trek

  • Suuc

    The comment underneath was funnier than the comic, which was probably the funniest comic so far

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