Working Hard
  • AureateScribe

    It’s hard to tell from the comic, but I’m sure he’s wearing pajamas, and if he had hair, it would be unchanged from the moment it left his pillow. It doesn’t matter how strong your will is, personal hygiene holds little sway when you’re home-bound.

    Unless, of course, your squirrel co-workers had to have an intervention with you about an unnatural funk you exude…

    • Mr. Awesome

      nope, theyre not pajamas

    • Jones Ac'z

      That's what we called a Rat Race…on cash flow game. You work 8-12 hours a day so hard just to get paid. Old saying, after my retirement I will get a business. Why not now and retire young?

  • alichemy

    Oh your turn COUNTER clockwise. So that's the secret. I should try that.

  • Rok

    This is my life.

  • Oh how I wish this was me.

  • mr ceo

    my girlfriend can tell if i showered by my bed head. although i usually do get dressed by noon. otherwise i just feel like a bum =P

  • Xenos

    Squirrels are amazing coworkers… until they steal your nuts!

    • LizzyRose

      Or flip you off

  • blue vertical stripes guy is you, right??

    • Yup, you got it!

      • AureateScribe

        Then I bet that chair has quite the impression in it if you spend as much time sitting there as the comic suggests.

  • katrinaevening

    I wish I could spin around in my work chair and be home…that would be the best super power ever!

  • Can’t beat that commute either.

  • Bunneh

    It is 5pm right now. I'm scared.

  • Well I wake up at like noon, so I work until 8pm then stay up all night watching T.V. – Though I generally switch partitions when I switch from work to personal, that's the "switch" for me.

  • Aita

    I stay at home, but my computer is on the floor… transitions from day to night involve me getting up and cooking food for my girlfriend, and sleeping when she's asleep (which varies by her work schedule)… I know this thought well~

  • Tze

    This one's amazing! Dang, if only I could do that… 😀

  • Katie

    I luvz dem

  • Home sweet home were you r happy

  • AlessandraMart

    Ummm… I haven't left home in a while… Thanks for reminding me.