The Iron
  • me.

    i can´t imaginen what the blender does when it sees you…….

  • Looks like it needed to let off some steam!

  • AureateScribe

    This is almost as bad as the time that my wife’s curling iron chased me around the house. I just wish it had gone for the face instead of… um… another place… more conducive to its shape.

    • A hot dog bun. You were also eating a hot dog at the time and it jumped in the bun.

      Yes. That was it.

      • AureateScribe

        It’s like a hotdog that NEVER GETS COLD!

        As long as you keep it plugged in, at least… and a hotdog that will shatter all your teeth…

  • daft

    blasted skynet.

  • Yerkk

    That's pretty "iron"ic!

  • Kal

    I hear the microwave is a bit of a jerk

    • nick

      the microwave is nothing compared to the toaster. trust me.

      • Vanessa

        The toaster makes bread FUN!

        • Brynn

          And your hand FUN if you use that logic! 😀

  • katrinaevening

    Who irons in the kitchen (this is where you insert a "womens place is in the kitchen" joke)

    • My iron is on the kitchen counter right now =)

      I swear I don't write comics based off of my actual life. I swear. Just ignore that one comic about ordering food at a restaurant. And the White Castle one. And this one. And all the future ones I haven't written yet that seem like me =P

      • Chris Kopcow

        I can tell the ordering food ones are from your life. No one lies about ordering food.

        No one.

        • That's the truth right there.

      • katrinaevening

        Why is the iron in the kitchen?? Do you do your ironing on the kitchen table?

        • It's on the kitchen counter, which is part of one of those pass-throughs to the living room, which is where the clothes are ironed.

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  • Quite literally the exact reason I don't have an iron. That, and who the hell needs to iron their clothes?

  • Rok

    Hah! Invisible Bread is awesome stuff!

  • I like the way I did this comic and I have no regrets =)

    Removing those panels would have shortened the comic and made it better for some, but I also think there is a lot to say about pacing and misdirection, which is why those "extra" panels exist. And the last panel I just find funny because it's a funny "Why didn't you listen to me?" moment =)

  • Nancy Muntz

    Oh, cruel Irony.

    No, that's the iron's name. I named it Irony. Cats and irons are more likely to respond to names ending in "ee". It's a fact.

  • craftsandhistory

    ooh…..I really cant imagine what a microwave would do to you………
    I need some water.
    *walks into kitchen*
    *microwave pounces*
    *microwave turns on:10 minutes*

  • This happened to me once. The only difference is, it was my hand instead of my face, and I touched it myself, and it was entirely avoidable. Still, a third degree burn is what it is.