• Twii

    Just so you know I find your work very………. very………. seductive. I would appreciate it if you would continue to make these fine works

  • Kal

    high-velocity high-fives are a dangerous thing, the french guillotined their aristocracy because they were too impressed by their high-velocity high fives

    • Olav Torkson

      He is right, I was there.

    • daft

      did you know that the guillotine was invented shortly after a high-velocity high-five mishap where Joseph-Ignace Guillotine decapitated his friend. that is why the blade is slanted, it is to mimic the curvature of the fingertips while providing maximum slicing ability. he felt that if Aristocratic hubris would lead to such disasters they deserved to that way. the more you know.

    • daft

      the original design was to have a large gauntleted hand that, through a system of pulleys winches and waits, would swing at the neck with such force as to rend the head from the shoulders. it was to be called the highfivulator. ultimately he believed this too grotesque and crafted the hand shaped blade we saw in the revolution.

    • alichemy

      The thing was, then the executioners starting high fiving each other after guillotinings, and then the crowds did it too… Then everyone had to go under the chop. That's when the terror really started.

      • daft

        I believe the revolutionary writer Marat penned "the streets of Paris shall run red with the blood of a million high-fivers, let those who would sympathize drown in it." he then went back to playing with his rubber ducky.

        • jean

          …in the rivers of blood. What ran in the streets.

          • daft

            the blood, i think, maybe the streets were running, like away from the blood. Don't ask me, I only wrote the thing.

  • Oh man, I've wanted to punch people for the same reason orange was just punched. How dare anyone dislike BTTF!

  • katrinaevening

    Boys are so dumb some times

    • daft

      it is funny how the sexes share that in common. you know it truly is the little things that bring us together as a species.

  • Zag

    I just can't imagine them being very mad with their little 'o' faces.

    • But look at those angry eyebrows! So angry!

      \ /

      Kinda like those, but even ANGRIER!

  • fart

    i enjoy these thoroughly.

  • I think this is probably my fav so far. My fav com.

    • loopadoop

      fav com?
      Coherent English, please.

  • mistermachino

    I'm on red's team, or is it brown. I'm on reddish-brown's team.

  • SwirlGirl

    LOL, Yes!

  • Mineblock5000

    I agree with you! Back To The Future is AWESOME!!!