A Ride Home
  • jtothee

    I love your comics. They crack me up every time. They're funny and heartwarming and wtf and I love them. Keep 'em coming!

    • I like them more

      • Yerk

        But I like them 7 times that much.

        • I don't like them 7 times that much, but I sure do like them a lot! Keep it up 😀
          PS Invisible bread isn't as tasty as I had expected. And it's harder to butter

          • Don't try to butter Invisible Bread! You might clog the interweb pipes with the butter!


          • A. Payne

            What if we get special Butter that's Safe for interweb use?

        • weegeedude

          i like them OVER 9000 times more!!!

    • I'll keep making them as long as all of you keep reading them =)

      • mostnutsever

        I will be reading them after you are dead, so there!

    • "They're funny and heartwarming and wtf" YES! Exactly! Love these comics.. too funny!

  • One of my friends does at least 25% of his transportation on somebody's back. This is like, a 6-foot-tall high school kid. I have no idea how he manages so many piggyback rides but somehow he does.

  • NameGoesHere

    Come on, there's room for one more. It's more eco-friendly for more people to use less vehicles.

  • HunterJE

    Thank goodness, I was so worried!

  • Repressed Adult

    And that's, my son, how flags are born.

  • Hiterhat

    Whats your greatest fear? Mine are Spiders, Rape, and bubbles. Watching Deliverance at 7 scars you deep.

  • "Which seat should I taaaaaaaake?"

    • alichemy

      I loved this comic already then that somehow made it even better.

  • Justin Barnes

    Am I sensing DUIF element here?

  • daft

    red shirt, I know how you feel, respect brother.

  • Snemish

    DUDE! You are amazing 🙂 Crack me up EVERYTIME.

  • Gin

    I just found your site and am reading all your comics, and omg you are so silly. Your humor is my favorite! This is awesome c: I wanna join them!

  • Mango Mageno