• Repressed Adult

    Cannot read this without hearing Final Fantasy fanfare in my head.
    Tu-tu-tu tu-tu tu tu tu!

    • aujustin

      My Final Fantasy roots will always be with me.

  • This is why in Portugal we say: "I'm really glad cows don't fly"

    • Pat

      Birdy Birdy in the sky
      Drop some whitewash in my eye!
      I won't worry and I won't cry,
      I'm just glad that cows don't fly.

      • Jill

        I accidentaly read that with rhymes

  • Amongst a crowd, you are suddenly ostracized as if you were bleeding from your eyes and dying of bubonic plague.

  • Anyone been pooped on by a bird before? I have. It landed on my shoulder and I was wearing a jacket and I was really close to my apartment. Pretty much the best case scenario for getting pooped on by a bird. I was lucky.

    • Fuzzy

      Nah, best is wearing your friend's hat… a friend you don't like, and a hat you wish he'd stop wearing.

    • Pat

      I was on my way to the train station for spending the next 24+ hours on the train. And the first train I was on was just a little commuter train with no bathroom. I didn't get to go to a bathroom for about 2 hours.

      Right on top of my head. And I had long hair at the time.

    • dani

      a bird pooped on my shoe..

  • +2 poop exp

  • Picture a beautiful pristine beach, you and your ideal lover have it all to yourself, taking sun in your altogether, then this nasty seagull lands one right on your eheeemmmm….. from 100 feet. Spiteful, SPITEFUL sea gulls.

    • Wtfcarpet

      How unlucky DO YOU HAVE TO BE????!! 🙁

  • Busalonium

    This comic is awesome.

  • I’ve been pooped on by a bird before…my friend told me it was “good luck”…so i wiped some of my so-called luck off on her…muahaha!
    (I wish i could pass out when disgusting stuff like that happens – then I don’t have to deal with cleaning it up. Unless people just leave me there like that.)

  • Brendan

    I'd leave you there like that. I'm not cleaning you up because you pass out doing gross things. How do you use the washroom?

  • GLaDOS


  • NameGoesHere

    heh heh, GLaDOS. Portal.

  • Olav Torkson

    You did a great job on the unplanned πs. Especially this one. I will semi-demand things more often.

  • Miss Fortune

    When I was young, at a county fair with my mother, we ended up behind the stalls of cows. One of those cows was apparently having diarrhea. It was the cow we happened to be standing behind. Being pooped on at the county fair, and then being hosed off is not an all together pleasant experience. The worst part is this isn't my only unfortunate cow-poo-related memory.

  • mistermachino

    Hidden Panel ~ How many exp do you get for not throwing-up?

  • daft

    i actually used to have mild birdpooponheadophobia when I was younger. it started after I read this french existentialist novel in middle-school about a man who had poo plop on his every time he left hid apartment. if I was out side and something fell on my head that is did not know what it was I would rush home and take a shower. not sure why I am telling you guys this, well there you go.

  • Thanks for the share