All Up In There
  • I love the new comic! Subscribed!

    • fan

      I'm doing everyone a favor in pointing this out: INVISIBLE BREAD ON THE LOWER RIGHT CORNER
      I spent roughly half an hour punching the wall after I heard this [after] I read the entire archives ;_;

      • korrupted

        Hey! Bad child! They have to earn that knowledge!

      • 8LayerDip

        But you could have spent that half an hour to read the extra panels…

    • Viral Stuff

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  • José

    Love it 🙂 Colors make the comics nice. Now I wish everything had color in it!

  • Justin Barnes

    If you hover your mouse over the comic it says "All up in there". Is this a reference to the DUIF "Feel that air all up in your mouth!"?

    • aujustin

      Less of a reference and more of just how I talk =)

      • Justin Barnes

        Ok haha :0

  • Cyan Valor

    I love your humor thank you very much for keeping it up for me ^//^ printer cat

  • NEB

    This reminds me of that SNL skit:

  • David Defiant Whitton

    Awesome. /Subscribed and linked on Facebook.

  • AlphaKenny1

    So is this like a Cyanide and Happiness ri-… inspired comic?

    • Way off, dude! This is just how I draw stuff =)

      • Are you sure this isn't inspired by C&H in any way? The art style, the stupid jokes, the dark humor… I love Cyanide and Happiness so I'm probably gonna like this one a lot, too 😛

        • I've been doing webcomics for over 4 years now. When I started Left-Handed Toons, I'd say White Ninja inspired me the most to start a comic. I started Invisible Bread because I wanted to have fun with color and mess around with cleaner art. All similarities that you see are coincidental.

          Well, I hope you enjoy the comics I'll be posting here!

          • You wanted to have fun with COLOR so you made a comic named INVISIBLE Bread… The irony is just delicious. 😀

          • I think Justin was inspired by C&H… Invisible Bread reminds me a lot of Calvin and Hobbes =D

          • You win =)

  • daft

    it's like reverse mitosis, they are becoming one being. :O my mind is officially blown.

    • joon2

      A Biology joke lol

  • French Ghost

    and so begins another awesome comic! 🙂

  • Matt

    A hero-comic is born

  • 8LayerDip

    Poor grey shirt guy. He keeps bumping into close talkers.

  • Max

    Is there a email for the daily strip?

  • IceBucks1234

    i can't believe i got here with the random button

  • WandaReynolds

    You really make it seem really easy together with your presentation however I to find this matter to be really one thing that I feel I might never understand.

  • Lamy

    I will never part from this webcomic, nothing can be better than this:)

  • Very nice web Comic, i certainly love this website, keep on it

  • Madame Kagamine

    It’s be weird if this caused them to become a couple.

    • Madame Kagamine

      But still beautiful. Somehow.

      • Madame Kagamine

        In a creepy way.

  • pretty cool

  • Viral Stuff

    Is there a email for the daily strip? 10 Anime Streaming Sites

  • Steve

    wait…. i’m pretty sure this isn’t the very first one you made