Thank you to everyone who voted in the shirt poll! Without it, I would have had no idea which shirt really needed to get out there just in time for the holidays. So again, thank you =)

Ah yes, the results! The winning design ended up grabbing 37% of your votes.

And the t-shirt that will become a real life shirt is …

This one! The other designs all got a lot of votes, but this shirt was your favorite! And what about those other designs? Don’t you worry. I’m gonna make shirts for those other designs too, but just not right now =)

So let’s run that preorder! It’s gonna be a quick one! The preorder will end at 9 AM eastern time on 11/25. They will be printed on the Hanes 5250 unisex shirt (sizing info).

[Preorder is over. Shirts will be arriving in the store shortly]

If you plan on giving this shirt as a gift or just really want/need it, give it a preorder to guarantee that you get one. Also, for any international readers (i seeeee you), if you need to receive this shirt before the holidays, make sure to preorder. That way, the second I get the shirts, I can ship them out right away before the international shipping deadlines for the holidays.

I will be ordering some extras too for the future Invisible Bread store, so if you miss out on this preorder, you’ll still have a chance to grab one.

Thanks! You guys (and girls) are all the best! For serious. See how serious I was right there? That how serious I am about you all being the best.