A Special Box
  • Bjorn

    Wow. I’ve had exactly this happen to me a couple of months ago. No regular boxes, either, but fancy gift boxes, each box containing a smaller one. A shop just decided to get rid of them and put them on the street for garbage pickup. Best find ever.

  • Robert

    A few hours later, at home, the box finder has many boxes around him and is feeling… boxed in.

    *Leaves after the pun drop, with a wave and several statements of “I know”*

    • Slythytoves

      No, don’t leave! We can be friends! We can practice boxing! Which. as I understand it, is the sport of putting things in boxes. Then there is the opposition, “un-boxing.”

      • Robert

        ROFL. Boxing puts a different sport in mind…

    • That guy what’s made of cheese

      If you enjoy making puns in comment sections, I’d suggest you head over to Poorly Drawn Lines. I think you’ll enjoy it there.

      • Robert

        Somebody just earned themselves a spot on a rick roll fail list…

        • That guy what’s made of cheese

          oh yeah, I forgot disqus does that 🙁 In my defense though, most of the link did actually lead to PDL. It was just the ‘r’s that I couldn’t help but change.

  • Green bot Studios

    He’s stealing someone else’s box

    Edit: I just read the bonus panel, and… yep

  • His legs in panel 3! His arms in panel 6! This guy has the best limbs