A Special Box
  • Bjorn

    Wow. I’ve had exactly this happen to me a couple of months ago. No regular boxes, either, but fancy gift boxes, each box containing a smaller one. A shop just decided to get rid of them and put them on the street for garbage pickup. Best find ever.

  • Robert

    A few hours later, at home, the box finder has many boxes around him and is feeling… boxed in.

    *Leaves after the pun drop, with a wave and several statements of “I know”*

    • Slythytoves

      No, don’t leave! We can be friends! We can practice boxing! Which. as I understand it, is the sport of putting things in boxes. Then there is the opposition, “un-boxing.”

      • Robert

        ROFL. Boxing puts a different sport in mind…

    • That guy what’s made of cheese

      If you enjoy making puns in comment sections, I’d suggest you head over to Poorly Drawn Lines. I think you’ll enjoy it there.

      • Robert

        Somebody just earned themselves a spot on a rick roll fail list…

        • That guy what’s made of cheese

          oh yeah, I forgot disqus does that 🙁 In my defense though, most of the link did actually lead to PDL. It was just the ‘r’s that I couldn’t help but change.

  • Green bot Studios

    He’s stealing someone else’s box

    Edit: I just read the bonus panel, and… yep

  • His legs in panel 3! His arms in panel 6! This guy has the best limbs

  • biki

    Several years ago a home gardner had way, way to much zucchini, and none of his friends wanted any more zucchini. So, he found a large box, dumped in as many zucchini as would fit, and then gift wrapped the box up mighty fine. Fancy ribbons and bows, and even a gift card tucked into the ribbon! Then he put it in the bed of his pickup truck, and went into the grocery store. About an hour later, out he comes and YES! the box with the zucchini was gone! I’d love to have seen the look on the thief’s face when they gleefully opened the box, to find only zucchini.