Puzzle Game
  • derpr

    Yeah, I remember “TIS-100” from the same developer. Ditchet it after trying to make my code work for 2 hours without having any fun.

  • Dave_Harmon

    Minecraft can easily slip into that, especially when you get into the heavier mods, or go big with redstone. ETA: No bonus panel? I hope that’s “not yet”…

  • Green bot Studios

    Have you played Super Mario Odyssey?

    • Justin Boyd

      I started a few months ago and then something happened and I suddenly woke up now, please catch me up.

  • I’m Simone

    Where is the bonus panel?

    • Covarr

      The game of finding the bonus panel has turned into work.

      • I’m Simone

        Holy sh…

    • Justin Boyd

      Looks like something wild happened and it didn’t upload. And now it did on this retry. *shrug*

  • j-beda

    No invisible bread!

    • PhantomUmbreon

      You seem upset he’s here, but I guess you mean the bonus panel

  • Oraticus

    Games and work are basically the same thing… it’s just the right things being done at the right time to culminate in a successful result. The only difference is who gets more intrinsic value from the result… you, or someone who’s willing to pay you for it. 🙂

    • Dave_Harmon

      Work is when you’re optimizing for output, games are when you’re optimizing for enjoyment.

      • Pie

        For some people, optimizing for output IS enjoyment, and that’s when games and work become the same thing. The speedrunning community is a prime example of this mindset. There are also some games such as Foldit that further blur the line between games and work.

        • Justin Boyd

          It’s a scary hole to fall down for me for sure. Work can be “enjoyable” for those reasons for sure.

  • Ethan

    Yellow and Red (on mobile) are pretty fun puzzle games, idk how close they would be to this one but still fun

  • Shaun Clark

    The world needs more Sandwich Mages