Power’s Out
  • sam

    yaay invisible bread! comics have been great recently Justin also this comic reminds me of the power cut we had during my English exam! that was fun. love your comics Justin really helping me get through my exams ,defiantly not distracting me from revision 😉

  • Lauren Brown

    In the bonus panel, shouldn’t he be shocked just from touching the wire he’s holding?

    • Justin Boyd

      Haha, quite possibly!

      Let’s just say that he’s on a ladder that is perfectly isolated from the ground, so holding the wire wouldn’t close the circuit.

    • Dave_Harmon

      Depends which side is driving the circuit — if the one he’s holding is the part that’s disconnected from the power company, he’s OK for the moment.

      Unless he gets close enough to the powered side to get an arc, in which case, messy but spectacular death. Kids, don’t play with power lines.

  • The fifth panel! And the sixth panel! And the bonus panel! xD