• sam

    it is impossible to say no to free stuff…

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  • Stickman44

    This Comic Makes 100% Sense. Its Genius.

  • Hakira

    Weird, there is no bread for this one. Did they eat it?

    • Glorznax

      Yep. It was totally them. Not me.
      *Wipes away crumbs from mouth*

      Why are you looking at me like that?

    • esterp

      it appeared!

  • Stickman4444

    I Mean Like Imagine this *Surfers Voice* Dude Free Food, No Way, Dope, So Sick. *Awkard silence* Dude Lets Get some More

  • Stickman44

    OOPS I MENT TO PUT Stickman44 As My name Not Stickman4444

    • Justin Boyd

      I don’t know who you even are anymore

  • Tom

    It’s possible to say no to free stuff… >:D

    • sam

      why u copy meeeee

      • Tom

        Wow… we both did it 14 days ago… I wonder if you were copying me…also, I didn’t see you say what I said till now.

        • jeff

          i went back in time to see who posted first, it was Sam, sorry tom…

  • Covarr

    I can’t attest to buffets and milkshakes, but yesterday I went to Wal-Mart on my lunch break to buy some cat food for my fiancee (or, more accurately, for her cat), and I saw their five-dollar pizzas were still fresh, so I bought one. I ate the whole thing for lunch, and I’m still full 20 hours later.

    I don’t have any regrets.

  • Mineblock5000

    Why did Orange and Yellow switch faces in the last panel?

    • Justin Boyd

      Indeed! I blame that on me inking and coloring in two separate sessions and forgetting about the different eye sizes, whoops!

      There we go; fixed it.

      • Mineblock5000


  • I was about to be blown away by this premise, but if it was MEATS that’s different. Meat and milkshakes occupy totally different stomachs. the constipation and diarrhea would cancel each other out!

  • sam

    bonus panel is there now

  • Tom

    1tz b33n 4n h0nr

  • Green bot Studios

    You should make and sell a shirt like the “I legally changed my name to pi!” shirt in http://invisiblebread.com/2014/07/pi-party/ or maybe you’ll get sued from the “legally” part :/

  • Name

    Pffft, blue doesn’t know what he’s talking about in panel 4. I learned years ago that Dan is NOT on fire

  • Nafas Wali