• YourBudDanK

    Hmmm. Anyone see spider in this one? I can’t find it.

  • Erika Hammerschmidt

    Is he brave for running across the floor and risking death by human foot, or brave for approaching a lady spider (who could either give him a painful rejection, or mate with him and then eat him)?

    • Justin Boyd

      What feet?

      • Matthew Wells

        But then why does he own sneakers?

        • Justin Boyd

          (that was a hint as to what bravery they were talking about. those spiders didn’t even think about that person standing there)

  • Jason

    Oh man, I remember PM5K. Saw them at RockFest in Portland back in the day. Crazy awesome reference! Thanks for making me old as well!

    • Jason

      Feel old….geez!

  • Matthew Price

    You didn’t personify spiders; you anthropomorphized them.

    I mean, maybe you personify spiders, but not in this comic.

    • Justin Boyd

      They have the circle head of my human peoples, but that is a cop out because I probably meant anthropomorphized. Blame it on the work stress!

  • Jim

    Danger is gooooo!

  • Somebody Someone

    That spider has had more success with girls than me in the past 8 years. #FML

  • Mikshana Maelevia

    Those are the CUTEST spiders I’ve seen!

    Talk about things I never thought I say…

  • Oliver

    xD he just straight up asked like a man! (good job dude)

  • E.W.

    I like how the shoes make it seem like there’s added detail but it’s really just so you don’t say “what are those black posts in panel one”. Also did this guy just move into this apartment because it’s very bare.

  • Oliver

    why would the boy spider wanna m8 cuz girl spiders always kill their m8s #nothumangirls

  • Oliver

    u guys know the old proverb,……… spiders who m8 other spiders r just bored #stupidproverbs (im lying thats not a old proverb xD

  • Nafas Wali