• Mikshana Maelevia

    My mom wants the receipt, so she can make sure the charged her exactly what they said. When I was a cashier, people could be so rude either way, if I offered them the reciept it was a mortal offence; if I forgot because I was bagging their stuff it was cause for much anger. People are weird.

    • JSqueen

      Same with my mom!!! Are we related??

  • This comics really got me. I’m the receipt and the guy is my father.

    • DeltaFoxtrotZulu

      So who was the credit card?

      • My brother, the one good at sports.

  • Rex Vivat

    I don’t know how it works over there, but here they can actually get in legal trouble if you don’t take your receipt.

    • Lauren Brown

      Really? Here, you have the option to not take it if the cashier asks if you want your receipt. Same with self check out, or anything that involves receipts. I usually take mine so I know what I spent.

      • Rex Vivat

        Our equivalent to the IRS sometimes doesn’t understand the difference between the customer not taking a receipt and the seller withholding it. Usually it’s because they’re angling for a bribe, though.

  • Willem Kroese

    He’s a close talker

  • Receipt, Hell! I left my damned take-out. Why didn’t you bring that out to me?