With Friends
  • Luke Martinelli

    No bonus panel today? If it is there, It didn’t appear on my feed.

      • Benjamin Gentzel

        Does the image appear for you?

        • Yes. Judging by the other comments, it was originally not there, but @justin_boyd:disqus fixed the issue?

          • Benjamin Gentzel

            The actual panel itself still doesn’t show up for me on that page.

        • S+

          The image is broken for me at 12:32 GMT-8.

          • Justin Boyd

            Busy work week. I think a blank image got cached on my CDN, but it looks good now. Sorry about that!

  • Javier Dehesa

    The invisible bread is invisibler than usual today.

  • He ate the invisible bread!!

  • Justin Boyd

    Found the invisible bread panel in my apartment somehow. Put it on the page. It’s still invisible, but it’s on here somewhere.

    • Kevin Copenhaver

      We know you were just trying to save money on server costs and didn’t post it.

      • Justin Boyd


  • TheDolphin

    Oh no, I did miss the Patreon!
    Thanks for the reminder.

  • Cole Patterson

    I thought that I forgot about the bonus panel but turns out I’ve checked the bonus panel so many times its burned into my subconscious and I just don’t remember.