• ahaha too bad

  • Amaster

    What’s worse is when most of the work your doing every day is redoing what someone else undid because the computer system is on crack.

  • Hegemon

    Hey Justin! Is everything ok? Did the more work lead to your demise? You clearly said “no,” “no more work please,” “no,” “no, stop it,” and “stop.” In that order. Is this 9000 volts’ fault for putting your name on a tombstone?

  • Hegemon

    I’ll be honest, I’m starting to worry about ole Justin a little bit. How ya doin’ buddy?

  • Mango Mageno

    hey justin did you go to the salt lake comic con/fan x

  • Cliocat


  • Some one

    Soooo much 😭😧😦😟