• Javier Dehesa

    DISCLAIMER: May contain snakes.

    • guest

      definitely contains snakes

      • Justin Boyd

        Disclaimer: Is snakes

  • Dominic Tuttle

    Yeah, Richard Garriott wanted to go space adventuring…so he made a million dollars…then the economy crashed and he lost it…but he still wanted to go space adventuring…so he made another million dollars…and he went space adventuring…very expensive hobby.

  • Mineblock5000

    Dog giffing!

  • Luke Martinelli

    Pick crocheting… or knitting. Just don’t expect them to be cheap hobbies either.

    • Justin Boyd

      Not unless you’re a thief!

      Don’t steal things though. That’s dishonest.

      • Luke Martinelli

        I don’t steal, I shop second hand.
        When older knitters can no longer knit, their yarn usually finds it’s way to an op shop(thrift shop)… then I buy it cheaply.

  • Luke

    Of course, now we need an occasional weekend episode about his weekend adventures with space snake and jet-pack-ran-out-of-fuel-so-he-now-lives-in-space guy.

    • sam

      I agree

  • Duth Olec

    I remember boredom…

  • Fasd47

    Id expect the box to be bigger… hmm

    • Mango Mageno

      No it just has a small helmet for a space snake