Guess Who’s Back
  • Javier Dehesa

    – Yeah, some crazy dream, I tell you, I was at work and suddenly…
    – You were naked?
    – What? No! Suddenly I realized I was using tree maps instead of hash maps!
    – Nuts.

  • Kelly Croteau

    This always happens to me when I get busy at work too. Then I talk in my sleep and my husband gets to hear all about it. 😉

  • Bob Atomic

    i think if you come up with a solution in your sleep, it’s loggable time!

  • Is it weird that I do this and I don’t even have a job?

  • mitchell271

    I know the feeling. I came up with new routing options in my sleep once. Curse your strange routing syntax Rails!

  • ThePelvicWoo

    I feel you.. I’ve been the on call engineer since Wednesday @[email protected]

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  • arslan

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