The Peak
  • Alexander Gee

    Jimmy went on to create the world’s best sandwich

    • David Howard

      Which he promptly ate. No one ever knew.

      • Luke

        But Jimmy knew. He so deliciously knew!

  • Sirscribble

    Keep that poker face.

  • Sahaj28

    I demand u go to corgiorgy(dot)com

    • Sahaj28


      • Sahaj28

        and when u dell me cuz otherwise I will continue to put this to every comic
        sry I’m being harsh but I wont let you never see this… its too beautiful

        • Sahaj28

          I mean when you do, tell
          not dell
          dang keyboard
          ill stop talking now

          • Justin Boyd

            Yup, that site is a masterpiece!

    • Erika Hammerschmidt

      Wow. That is a website that perhaps Jimmy the artistic genius created.

  • same here

    I want a sandwich!

  • Fasd47

    who doesn’t though jimmy. Who doesn’t want a sandwich?