• Javier Dehesa

    Dude, give a NSFW warning or something. Now everyone at my workplace think I’m into watching spiders walking over people.

    • Erika Hammerschmidt

      Also put a NSFW warning on the whole comic, because at my work, you are not supposed to be doing anything on the computer that isn’t work-related. Better yet, make the whole comic somehow look like the programs I use at work (to everyone except me). Thx.

  • MeanieTjo

    There needs to be one more panel, after the uncensored last panel, QUICK HE IS WAKING UP! – Spider evacuation time!

  • Duth Olec

    The spiders are just lonely and cold!
    Huh, my last comment on this webcomic was about spiders, too…
    Also the spider in the bonus panel is missing two legs??

  • Rex Vivat

    Aw, those are cute spiders.

  • Sirscribble

    I died laughing reading this. (And I don’t have a thing for spiders.)

  • I did it. I finally caught up. I read every single comic of yours, from the very first one. and I enjoyed every single bit.

  • Andrew Hendrix

    You should have a link to the whole comic uncensored so we can send our friends who are afraid of spiders to that one. >:)

  • MrFuji87

    I Clicked it…. why did I click….. WHY GOD! WWWHHHYYY!!!!!!

  • PhantomUmbreon

    That spider in the bonus panel is technically not a spider. It has six legs instead of eight