Before Bed
  • That mirror is weirding me out. He shouldn’t be horizontally squished. Or does he have a funhouse mirror to look skinnier on purpose?

    • Stoffers

      He should be horizontally squished because the mirror is at an angle

      • Not how mirrors work. Try it yourself.

        • Stoffers

          It is in this web comic. We should also be seeing a different part of his face. Oh well

          • it’s not a mirror. it’s a computer screen with a webcam. much more efficient.

            as for me, i use a nightlight for this reason.

  • arghdos

    Scientists have discovered that he is indeed, cooler than the other side of the pillow

  • MasterGlitch

    I had this problem before. My solution was to learn how to brush my teeth in the dark. This solution is far cooler.

    • That Guy

      Do you want to get killed by a ghost? Because that’s how you get killed by a ghost