• That Person

    How is the pepperoni not sliding off the pizza? the way he is holding it seems pretty sketch.

  • TriforceShard

    What’s up with Red’s smile in the 3rd panel?

    • Justin Boyd

      He’s in goof mode

  • Calimaraine

    I’m eating pizza as I’m reading this and I agree! All times ARE best times for pizza! 😀

  • Meganought

    I’m on a diet… but pizza…

  • Locutus

    My wife has a problem with waking me up with food. I hate and love it at the same time.

  • Merp

    Is there a Radio Flyer filled with pizza somewhere? The same way there’s a Radio Flyer filled with burritos?

  • Scia

    Answer to hidden panel: So you can legitimately claim you only had one slice. Know thy loopholes. (Points if you get the reference.)