In The Shower
  • Shaun

    The only shower creature luckier is the Shower Centipede

  • Duth Olec

    That spider is so lucky that it grew a face. It’s both unnatural and adorable. Unnatuorable.

  • ClioCat

    I am so terrified of spiders

    • Justin Boyd

      Even lucky shower spiders?!?!

  • Dylan Bradway

    I once finished a shower by drying my head and face with my towel. A large, brown lump then ran across my face, over my scalp, down my neck and shoulder, then jumped onto my feet and then the floor. It was the biggest brown recluse I had ever seen.

    It didn’t bite me after getting smashed all across my face, head, and neck, so I let that sucker go. Faaaaaaar away outside, but I let him go. He was a Lucky Shower Spider that day, and I was a lucky shower human.

  • Paul

    I think that spider in the shower must have broken your brain. Obviously the proper response would be to burst out of the bathroom naked, screaming about the wild animal about to eat you while searching for the explosives and grenades. But befriending the spider???? Justin, you are either tougher or crazier than I thought.

    • angriestchair

      Spiders are awesome.

  • SpiderIKEA

    I should start a business that sells tiny paper crowns for all the Lucky Shower Spiders out there. Then later we would expand into other spider amenities, like beds, chairs, and omelets. The guy in the comic should be the spokesperson!

    • That Guy

      That is an amazing idea!