• Oraticus

    It NEVER includes the phrase "I was wrong"!

  • Drillher

    I usually say, "Eh," and move onto the next topic. Those arguments mean nothing anyway. Rarly, I booby fight them.

  • Dan

    "It was uncredited. He was a guest at the wedding."

    Find a good crowd scene and add him in there.

  • Just come up with an excuse for why you got it wrong. You can do it! shift the blame!

  • Maya

    Hooray, you changed the comments to Disqus!

    I hate when that happens. I also hate when all you really have to say is “Hooray, you changed the comments to Disqus” and have to add in a lame, generic comment about the comic to make it seem relevant.

  • bob

    Please make a part two of this in a few months!