• Guest

    Is "I have so many questions" a reference from something?

    • Just a sequence of words that I put together without any knowledge of any existing material also using that same sequence of words

      if that's what you're asking =)

      • Guessed

        I also noticed that coincidence 🙂 poor Justin is really missing out on something amazing with dbza, but it probably doesn't make much sense if you didn't see the original as a kid.

        • Guest

          How did I get 2 likes? How did the company hire a sloth?

          Questions for later.

  • Guest

    Sloths are my favorite animal and this is my favorite comic and I am so happy! =D

    • Guest

      Same Guest here 😉 I should note that sloths and dolphins are the only mammals known to persistently smile, so maybe he'll be happier next time he appears! ^_^

  • TriforceShard

    Henry should totally have a cup of coffee with space snake!

    • Morgan

      Seconded, although I'm not sure how Space Snake will get down / Sloth with get up to space.

      • InsertNameHere

        NASA'll find a way

  • Morgan

    Sloths are even more adorable when they're angry.

  • Mike

    A millions sloths on a million keyboards given infinite time would be able to write all of the TPS reports.

  • arghdos
    • I'm gonna be swapping out some ad networks because of this. It keeps happening and isn't cool, nope.

      Thanks for the heads up yet again! Oh yes, and thanks for posting the comic to reddit =)

  • no way dude

  • really funny