All Of It
  • Viraj

    He has another closet just for the pubes.

  • Belvedere


    • L-Dawg #3

      Pretty sure that's a she, as only females get hair in this universe.

  • You lucky bastage. The widow's peak / high upper corners are a seriously underrated and important part of a man's hair. My widow's peak got accidentally ripped out by my glasses and has never grown back
    But yeah I never cut my hair, so I just shed on the floor and it forms into little tumbleweeds which are soft and comfortable to walk on.. but every so often I clean them up and throw em away, and it just looks like i've murdered some kind of puffy brown jewfro sheep

  • Xela

    I can see now why they don't normally have hair…

  • Azz
  • Azz

    Oh. Images don't work. Makes sense I guess.

  • 2philisophical4u

    I looked on his site, and it look amazing! Thanks for introducing me, Justin 😀

  • shammers

    this is slightly horrifying

    • Visible Toast

      to make it less horrifying- les just imagine this guy's dad is bigfoot. c:

  • Songwind Apogee

    Gotta be careful that the witches and voodoo priests don't get your hair, you know.

  • Mike

    You know what they say: "Hair today, gone tomorrow!".

  • TopazMarauder

    Hey dude you've got an add that
    redirects mobile users to the App Store. I'm not sure if you are ok with that, but it's pretty annoying so I thought I'd tell you if you didn't know

  • ______

    That could help a lot of cancer patients THEY WILL BE BALD NO MORE!!!!!!!

  • Scia

    Reminds me of the guy who still has all his teeth.

  • Cliocat

    He should sell his hair to all the bald people in the comic