Some Cheese
  • Rahatlokum

    I find this comic very relatable.

  • Cloudscout

    Hey, I recognize this story! 😉

    • Haha, yes indeed! Thank you for the twittering that night!

  • arghdos

    Some Cheese Brand — Making it difficult to tell whether I should eat this since 2009

  • whyusawhy


    What order ev?en is

    • User100

      01/06/15. Gotta love a six month error margin.

  • Paul

    You should try cooking as a colorblind person. "Hmmm, that chicken/hamburger might be done… or it might be undercooked and taste nasty when it goes into my mouth. Of course, if I wait just a bit longer, it will be burnt and I'll know that it is done then. It will taste nasty, but I won't get sick from it!" No amount of culinary skills can make up for that.

    • I seriously never even thought about that!

      Is there an app for color blind people that helps determine if meat is cooked or not? Just point the camera at the meat and it will figure out the colors and let you know how done it is?

      • arghdos

        Meat Thermometer?
        Seems like a necessity at that point

        • Yeah, for sure. Ground meat is a whole other story though, like if you're making tacos or something. I guess you just gotta pick it up and mash it around with your fingers?

      • PhantomUmbreon

        Just so you know, if a person is born color blind, they wouldn’t notice anything wrong and could tell if meat was cooked or not because they’ve lived with it their whole lives. If they became color blind through other means besides being born with it and it’s decently far into their lives, then it’s a different story.

  • Oraticus

    Crock pot = insta sous chef. Even the most incompetent cook can be a high caliber gourmet with the magic of crock pots.

  • Jamin

    Worrying about best by dates takes waaaay too much effort…

  • Oh god, does THIS ever speak to me.
    I tried making gratin last night, so many things went wrong.. almost everything.. but i followed the instructions.. except it seemed to need a lot more half and half to go up to the appropriate level.. and it ended up soaked in water and uncooked. but after some draining and further baking, it ended up as delicious as it was butt-ugly. I can't call it gratin really.

    • Tonight I'm gonna try and cook my burrito bowl recipe, the results of which have been getting worse and worse every time I make it.

  • agtmadcat

    When you're getting the hang of how much salt to put in things, don't put in any, and add it to the finished dish when you can taste how it's come out. I've slowly tuned my salt-measure that way, and seem to have it about right now!

  • Person from Twitch

    How was the twitchin? I was too late (by about seven hours) but I'm sure it was still pretty awesome

  • Mineblock5000

    Thanks for the birthday comic!