• kktkkr

    *stares at title* Bro-collie. You should have drawn in one of those.

  • mgerics


  • Vanessa

    Fun fact, did you know that broccoli can spark in the microwave if it's grown in nutrient rich soil? Found that out yesterday when my broccoli almost started a fire in the microwave.

  • a vegetable


    • Slythytoves

      Blast!!! I'm sorry A Vegetable!!! I was trying to give you a thumbs up but I'm on my phone and the button is tiny and my thumb is too big and I accidentally thumbs downed and it won't let me change it and I feel terrible and please don't think your comment was unfunny because it actually made me snicker again after the customary comic snicker! Whew….I think I turned that around….

      • Ahmed

        I thumbed up his comment just now, so consider your mistake rectified! 🙂

  • i buyed a BROColli for my Friend to his birthday last year! 😀… (imagine that he is wearin a hat ;))

  • shanawarwht

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  • shanawarwht

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  • shanawarwht

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  • Myst

    “Random” brought me here immediately from the one titled “Eat.” One person won’t eat his broccoli, now we have a bro-ccoli. lol

  • Just to say Moodydose