Seven Sixty Three
  • καtrmr

    I'm pretty sure there's a subreddit dedicated to satisfying people with OCD

  • Chris

    What a coincidence. The cost of those streamers is also $7.36. Pay up.

  • Guest

    So here is what I think he bought
    -king sized butterfinger
    -bottle of either 5 hour energy, pills, or adult gummy vitamins
    -floss or post-it notes

    • I could tell you, but I would like to keep the mystery alive =)

      • User100

        It's a nice idea, but the reality just doesn't add up. Every single time I pull out a handful of change, I'm always 3 pence short. Nothing feels stupider than using a card to pay £1.79.

    • LootRock

      Maybe instead of floss or post it notes he got matches

    • luidog2011

      I think it's
      -box of crayons
      -bottle of medicine
      -box of matches
      …so yeah. I mostly agree with you and LootRock.

      • Nobo Xi

        justin boyd's daily needs

      • LootRock

        Well in the hidden panel it says he got a king sized butterfingers so I dont think it's a box of crayons

  • arghdos

    The best prize there is

  • The Happy Cashier

    …I used that exact line to customers with exact change when I was a cashier *4 years ago*

    I, unfortunately, was not allowed to shoot off the streamers.

    You weren't a frequent shopper of Giant Food Stores, were you?

  • Derpy101


  • Geeky

    That happened to me once. Got a piece of confetti lodged up my nose. Now everything smells pink.

  • sam

    nowadays this joke would work better because you have to pay for the bag so he won a bag…