• This is a lot like one of my favorite Bob's Burgers jokes.

    • Haha, indeed! Maybe this means I gotta start watching some Bob's Burgers!

  • Slythytoves

    I am also terrible at those games. Everyone who asks me to guess their age is automatically 25….

    • Kirbyman!

      Pretty embarrassing with that baby… yep
      But that 25 year old dude? YEAH!

      • Slythytoves

        And the lady-types always find it flattering…younger than that and they want to be older. Older than that and they want to be younger. Lady-types are weird.

  • ALWS

    Well, at least your narration in the tweet was right. It was a single jellybean…
    …Or was it?

  • Sirscribble

    But how many tiny jellybeans were inside the big one?

  • RandomStalkertor

    275, no doubt about it.