• luidog2011

    The secret to true happiness has been unlocked. Thank you, Justin.

  • Tom

    If there is ever an Ann Arbor corgi meetup I hope that Wendell can meet Gnome (my corgi dog)

  • Me or you or whoever

    Well this is awkward, I didn't realize I was actually you. Or maybe you're me? Or maybe I'm you pretending to be me. Are you really you? Who is who? What if I'm actually imagining myself? Oh wait, I'm not an engineer per se (though I've done some software engineering). More of a developer myself. So I guess we're good. I'll be me, and you be you.

    But really, that is the exact face I do whenever I have to pay things and try and calculate a tip in my head. And I'm pretty sure I'd be dead in the woods somewhere if not for GPS on my phone.

  • WENDELL! <3

  • everythings right except im no engineer.

  • I have a nice lil trick for tip calculations that'll make your dining-out lives so much easier ^_^

    We usually tip 20% for good service around these parts; 15% is the basic expected tip. 10% or less shows you were pretty unhappy with the service.

    So! Take your bill total. Let's say it's $47.59. To tip 20%, move the decimal point over one to the left ($4.759, or rounded to $4.80). That's 10%. Double that number ($4.80×2 = $9.60) for a good solid 20% tip.

    OR, for mediocre service, halve the original 10% number we had ($4.80/2 = $2.40) and add those two numbers together for an average 15% tip ($4.80 + $2.40 = $7.20).

    I know that may look like a lot of numbers, but it's really just moving a decimal point, then some simple arithmetic. I actually impressed my software engineer husband with this trick. He'd been doing it a much more complicated way.

    Hope this helps some peeps! ^o^

    • Aaaaaand I knew I shoulda checked my math before sending 😉 My rounding up was off. Shoulda been rounded up from &4.759 to &4.76. It's pennies difference, but I dislike mistakes, so just sayin! 🙂

    • Dan

      That's how I've always done it. In school I was often coming up with alternative ways to get to the answer. Which made it awkward when you had to show your work.

      • koniiiik

        Same here – I've been making arithmetic in my head like that since about forever. Instead of, for example, multiplying something by eight or nine, I just multiply by ten and subtract the original once or twice – ends up being a lot more operations, but much easier to perform without writing anything down and less error-prone.

        Sometimes I'm actually astonished by the number of simple operations I do instead of a simple multiplication or division.

        Anyway, I won't ever match the level of one of our profs at university who taught us concrete mathematics – he had an extremely quick way of doing partial fraction decomposition of rational functions by heart and it involved dividing the rational function by zero. But his method always worked and he always had the correct result within a minute while we were struggling with big systems of linear equations.

    • Max

      I don't wanna be rude, but you sound like you've made a huge discovery, while you're really just doing stuff a twelve year old knows. It's like you're explaining the ABC

  • Mike

    Oh my god I'm all three of those.


    • arghdos

      With both hands, dammit!

  • User100

    Scary Wendell is scary.

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    • You've done well. Here, I made you a trophy. *hands you a deck of Magic cards from my desk*

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        There is more comics
        I know because I am from 24 weeks from now there are more

      • Elliot Sicheri

        what??? i want magic cards!!!

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    And no
    Sorry dude

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  • PewDiePie

    i love this better than killing barrels

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