• Midnight, eh? I wish I could stay up that late. I become overcome with sleepiness closer to 11pm.

  • pyrpyr

    know that feel bruh, can’t even party late anymore m’self *patpat*

  • I'd like to say something snarky about Harbaugh coming to Michigan, but I've got nothing. First of all, Purdue is so awful that I feel like I've got no room to talk. Secondly, I really can't think of anything bad to say. So, congrats, I guess. That's all I've got.

    • I think I got ahead of myself and missed a sentence there. That was supposed to read "Secondly, I really can't think of anything bad to say. Harbaugh would seem to be the perfect fit for college, and he no trouble turning Stanford around in a hurry."

  • shammers

    i see that maize and blue ;D

    I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THE HARBAUGH HIRE! when i can afford tickets, i'll have confidence we can weeeeeeen

    • Had to have them wearing maize and blue on such a big day =)

  • καtrmr

    Meh, you have a 'regular' day cycle.

    Now consider this: I'm drowsy for the first half of the day, then in the evening it gets better, but at 8 pm I'm super sleepy—I'll just fall asleep if I lay down for a couple of minutes.
    Then, if I stay awake until 10 pm, the sleep is gone! By midnight, I'm full of energy and stay this way until 4 am, when I can finally go to bed.
    Which means that I won't get up until 11 am.

    • καtrmr

      The main question is, what age will I be by the time I finally get this damn day schedule straight.

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  • Sarg Grassmin

    Sigh… So true