No-Shave November
  • Hahaha, this comic is weird =) This will surely fulfill your weirdness quota for the day.

  • Oh dear. Red shirt's beard disappears in panel 4.
    I like Beard Clone. Maybe come December it can detach and lead its own life. Just don't let it overgrow and become Bear Clone.

    • Oh NOOO, I must have forgotten to unhide that layer! I'll fix when I get home at lunch.

  • jbuckley528

    Is that WheezyWaiter!?

  • Dan

    Does Beard Clone always refer to himself in the third person?

  • William

    What happened to red’s beard in panel 4?

  • Beards firxed

  • Actual

    I did not know you were playing xcom yesterday, so instead of watching you i wasted my time playing the game XCOM: Enemy Within.

  • I thought that was a person being engulfed by his beard, at first

    Man, shaving is like smoking. I can't believe anyone starts, but I don't blame them if they don't quit once they've started, since it's kind of an unpleasant weaning process.

  • Hey. Remember me? Hi. This is my first comment. Your the best, Mkay bye.

  • tyler

    Wait, if you look, beard clone has a beard of his own. Could this lead to…recursing beard clones? Maybe that's why they limit no-shave to November!

  • Kirbyman!

    Just sayin, as a mobile user a weird Hyundai pop-up for Black Friday popped up. It obscured the comic 🙁
    Those darn pop-ups. Always popping up.

  • Why are all of the beards brown? ._.