His Pizza
  • Oraticus

    No time for frivolous dainties, pizza needs to be inside me! *unhinges jaw like an anaconda*

  • Rob

    Man, I could really go for some pizza, good thing I'm in Italy. Going to get my 'zza on underneath the tower of Pisa! (or is it Pizza?)

  • arghdos

    Someone on reddit is saying that this page is trying to load malware. Passing the message along!

    • Thanks for the heads up!

      Anyone else having probs with malware stuff?

  • And now I want pizza.. damn

    • I have inflicted the pizza curse on everyone! haHA!

  • XD Your comics are hilarious. Especially the pizza ones.

  • bunnymuffinbooks

    Even when they're sad or mad they're still happy in a way. 😀

  • Coincidentally, we're going to get a pizza tonight.
    Because we ended up not going to the grocery store.

  • luidog2011

    Man, everything I see makes me hungry for pizza… this comic makes me hungry for pizza… FNAF, as much as I'm uninterested in survival horror games makes me hungry for pizza… that one tiny picture of a pizza on a book cover I saw today made me hungry for pizza…

  • Zach

    I think I live with Yellow Shirt.

  • Kirbyman!

    Howd he even fit the box in his mouth?

    And years of pizza stealing

  • meklu

    "Day 2: The bonus panel, despite all promises, is still not here. The kids are starting to lose hope. May the pizza bestow its grace on us all and salvage us from our inevitable -seeming demise. Ramen."

    • vdeogmer

      Can't tell you how many times I refreshed the bonus panel page.

      • The thing may or may not have been thinged

  • strawdog

    Crap 9:24 am saturday morning in England, Now i want pizza i hope there's one in the freezer or im going to have to fake it with tomato sauce and salad cream in the sandwich toaster

    • I really really hope there was one in the freezer

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  • YOLOMAN989

    cant say details…TO HUNGRY!!!!!!!!again……..

  • Hahahahaha! very nice