Cabin Fever
  • καtrmr

    TIL arcades are a thing
    thought they were dead by the 90s

    • Dan

      The main holdout that I've run across are places like Dave & Busters. Pretty much a Chuck-e-Cheese experience that is also geared for adults.

  • Am I the only one not getting the bread?

  • there is no bread. i'm scared.

  • Otto Bob Otto

    The bread is a lie

  • The bread was extra hiding today, but not anymore!

    • I still can't find the little tiny link in the RSS feed, so there's that.

  • Do you think you'll do a European-friendly Bread Game (yes I just made that up) session? Because that was about Midnight over here in Germany.

  • Also, there's a punctuation error in that text message.

  • Hory shet, you have friends? Where did you get friends? With cars and things to go to? I want those!

  • BeepBoopPEWPEW

    Yay a new comic! Also, thanks for introducing me to TF2, Justin 😀

  • Dylan

    James, James, James…. I think you meant “we’re”
    See me after class
    -Professor M.