A Thing To Do
  • Oraticus

    It's amusing until you realize that you also parked on the street last night, and there was a questionably car-sized gap between your car and the car in front/behind yours.

    A friend of mine who lived in Chicago said a car is almost a bad investment if you live in the city. Even if you have impeccable driving skills, the car will be gradually worn down to the frame by all the awful drivers and plows, one ding/nick/scratch/dent/side mirror at a time.

  • noClue

    Luckily Michigan requires next to no parallel parking skills, unless it's football night that is. Still highly entertaining watching the few who try.

  • I think you misspelled that as CARma…..

    (this is a pun, I am not actually correcting the spelling)

  • καtrmr

    in case someone didn't get it, this is a comment by a spam account.
    It has a spam link in the poster's name.

  • Kelly

    WUIF, Watch Until It's Funny – The new sister site of Draw Until It's Funny.

  • Madame Kagamine

    I’d be laughing my butt off it that happened.