• Dewi

    Happy birthday!
    I really enjoy your comics and I'll share them with any cat-snake or snake-cat I see.

  • LazerFox

    If I could only leave links in the comments, I had one of your own comics to link to.

    Happy B-Day Justin!

    • Oraticus

      You can use links in the comments… use the HTML "a" tag! Look it up here!

      • I'm starting to wonder if I should change this comments section to something like Disqus. Years ago, I think I put my money on the wrong horse! (intensedebate vs disqus)

        • User100

          The lack of an edit button, formatting tags and other similar functions does make it one of the less useful commenting systems.

          • Oraticus

            Huh… I'm actually somewhat fond of it. I don't mind HTML tags to BBCode, and there is an edit option (as long as no one has responded to you… so now I just locked out your edit. 😛 ).

          • ALWS

            User100 doesn't have an IntenseDebate account. I think you need an account to edit on disqus, though.
            I don't know, it's aesthetically appealing and it seems useful enough to the everyday commenter who doesn't necessarily know a whole lot about programming.

        • I like this thing a lot better than disqus. Disqus periodically signs me out and I have to go try signing in again and it does that thing where it asks for username but it wants email..
          also happy birthday
          also this is great. but eggs AND french toast? that's so many eggs. that's a Gaston-ass breakfast.

      • Kirby gamer
  • Oraticus

    If I heard that wake-up call, I'd be afraid the big bad wolf had gobbled up the concierge attendant…

    Guest: "My, concierge attendant, what big teeth you have…"

    Concierge attendant: "All the better to click together to summon the bellhop, my dear!"

    Happy B-day, Justin!

  • Dan

    French Toast, huh? Staying carefully away from the Waffles (clearly superior) and Pancakes debate of

    • 😉

    • names

      You have now inadvertently declared war on pancakes. PREPARE FOR WAR PANCAKE FOLLOWERS!!

      • AirMan121

        Pancakes are for commies, what with their even distribution of syrup across all parts of the pancake. I prefer to more hearty capitalistic waffle with pockets that unevenly distribute the syrup and butter, which adds the variety of flavors that each piece can have. Unequal distribution of syrup is key to maximizing flavor, as pancakes are just a soggy mess.

        • Sirscribble

          Never! Pancakes are much richer than waffles and they soak up the syrup, so it is much more on the flavorful side! and it is easier to eat.

        • καtrmr

          It's a real pity to see such dirty nonsense thrown about, right along with the godly name of pancakes, by clueless American foodie wannabes. 'Even distribution', pfffft. As any (European) pancake aficionado knows, pancakes are best made without yeast or baking powder or with tiny amounts of such, and thus are close in methods and mechanics to most kinds of flat bread, with which they share the useful property of being able to fold, in contrast to the (comparatively) rigid structure of leavened bread, cookies and waffles. Of particular interest to our purposes is the extreme variation of the folding behavior, namely the ability to completely roll up.

          This quality makes flat breads, and our friends pancakes among them, incomparably more suitable for the task of holding all sorts of fillings that a cook's heart desires (assuming the cook is not from the US, of course). Specifically, in regard to the option of syrup, one of the recommended solutions is to pour the substance along a line that crosses the plane of a pancake, e.g. its diameter, and to wrap up the body of the pancake around the axis formed by syrup, giving the resultant piece any shape that suits the person's preferences. Or, alternatively, a rolled up pancake may instead be dipped in the chosen essence, thus varying the proportion of flavoring in the complete item (most often towards higher amounts of tasty matter). The two approaches may even be combined by putting some ingredients inside the pancake, such as butter (and, may I recommend, marinated forest mushrooms), and dipping the whole deliciousness construct in, let me advise again, strawberry jam.

          And, if one still wishes to indulge in the questionable business of cramming his or her mouth full of prepared dough lightly covered with toppings, he or she can simply fold a pancake in half two or three times, forming a firm hunk much akin to that thick variety of yours, and superimpose on it whatever embellishments he or she craves. Yet, as an extra benefit to the alternative of consuming leavened batter, he or she won't have to deal with excess of gas in his or her intestines subsequently to the meal.

          Furthermore, this flexibility of the technique of folding allows one to handle a wide variety of stuffings and their respective physical properties, from simple semi-liquids like syrup and butter to seemingly unwieldy large pieces of hard edible matter, namely meat and vegetables. Specifically, such efficacy (undreamed-of by the New World batter-and-gas slabs) arises from the option of first rolling up two sides of the pancake that are perpendicular to the major line of the spread of the contents, and then proceeding with rolling up the pancake completely in the usual manner (not to mention the uncountable even more complex topologies). Hence, the pancake effectively forms a burrito, shawarma, gyro, döner kebab or any similar flatbread dish! That shouldn't come as a surprise since flatbread, of which pancakes are but a species, is the universal base for the most convenient types of street or home food everywhere (except the States, so that they had to import this obvious device from Mexico). At the same time, pancakes are still pancakes, with the distinctive taste and suitability for sweet fillings and flavorings as well as for any other ones, and are immeasurably more easy to prepare in the household than bread, even the flat kind.

          I hope that this review closes the topic, as the superiority of European pancakes to both varieties of US dishes is exceedingly evident, and that I hear no more of the awful drivel. Stay tuned, for yet I fear the time may come when I have to deal with the question of why American pizza has nothing to do with flavorful, delicate Italian pizza. And have a nice day.

          • Sirscribble

            Wow. that's deep.

          • καtrmr

            Join the cause for yeast-less and baking powder-less pancakes, my overseas pancake ally, even if temporarily misguided by the oppressive culinary mass culture, and we may yet see the light of the day when one no longer needs to be unnecessarily and inexcusably French about their food to enjoy the taste of clear rational and gastronomic perfection. Let the tummies of denizens across the international but US-dominated English-speaking part of the world network be free of the superabundance of methane!

  • sam

    Happy Birthday!

  • blorp

    Happy birthday!

    Also that wake up call is strangely adorable

  • Torchwood

    I wish I could get wake-up calls like that! It would certainly start off my day better.

    I hope you've had a fantastic birthday! I didn't realise yours is so close to mine, just two days off! We're almost birthday buddies!

  • arghdos

    Happy birthday Justin!

    To another year of Wendell approved excellence!

  • Nonny

    Happy belated birthday Justin! Today is my birthday, and I started it with the Invisible Bread comic I forgot to come read yesterday! :-S (Made for a great start for today though!)

    Keep up the superb work! I've already shared your comic with tons of my friends, and I've since seen many of them return to your comic on their own accord, so I've passed on the addiction! 😉

  • Oak and Irony

    You can't go with the Sunset Squad yet! Who will make wonderful comics? I guess I'll have to send my expendable crew to go save you.

  • Sirscribble

    Happy birthday!

  • guyug

    Happy Birthday! When is space snake's birthday? We should all have a party over the interwebs for him!

  • Happy Birthday! Say, when is Space Snake's birthday? We should throw him a party over the interwebs!

  • Happy birthday!

    Also that wake up call is strangely adorable

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  • hahhaha,, its really funny. i like it

  • hahaha…its funny

  • Happy birthday Justin!

  • Happy very belated birthday :3 Mine's in October too. I'll be sharing this among some other comics soon 😀