All Done
  • eabakerster

    Fish tacos are also acceptable.

  • nunser

    You can create burritos with your mind?!?!?! YOU ARE MY HERO!
    Never mind they are talking burritos and is kind of creepy…. free burritos, yay!!! (you must be the start of every party everywhere)

    • Actual

      I first learned about the ability to summon burritos in the book Off to be the Wizard .

  • Confirmed burrito lunch for me today. It's gonna happen. I'll tell you all about it in a couple hours.

    • Had a late lunch, but got all up in a burrito. The ratios and distribution of contents was perfect. It was a very good day for a burrito to end up in my stomach.

      • Octothorpe

        Hahahaha, I had a frozen burrito for lunch today at school :P!!!!

  • Oraticus

    If you also pick up a burrito for the boss, you'll probably still get that raise.

  • Cow_k

    Love the invisible bread portion today. Good times!

  • xXSPMCXx

    ug. now im hungry

  • xXSPMCXx

    Any Harry Potter comic line? 😀 just wondering…