A Birthday
  • invisiblecake

    My birthday was yesterday, good timing for this comic. 🙂

  • im 26 so yeah, i know how that feels

  • A. Nonny

    With my first kid on the way, I sometimes feel the same as panel 5! (Though my parents were a little younger than I am when they had me.

  • Joe

    I'm not sure how comfortable I am with how much I've related with this webcomic

  • Andrew

    My parents were 19 and 21 when they had their first kids. How unprepared would a person be then?

  • pretty much the opposite thoughts I had
    >oh shit, 21 and still haven't held hands with a girl. Mom had me at this age. oh well, i have 3 more years til
    >oh shit, 24 and still haven't held hands with a girl. Dad had me at this age. Oh well any year now
    It's getting kind of depressing.. but better alone than divorced right?

    • how come ??

      I'm 24 and I am thinking about making kids of my own, and will try my next relationship to be the one.

      • That's all you can do man. What do you mean how come?
        Glad to know SOMEONE else our age is planning on reproducing. I swear my kids aren't going to have anyone to play with who speaks english

    • John

      It's hard man. I may not be as old as you yet, but it is kind of depressing to be 18 and to never have been in an official relationship.

  • Boxhead

    For me, it was 18… the worse part, 18th birthday in a bar with my parents I had that exact conversation and my mother also added to the conversation when she will expect to have grandkids. 3 generations of early children, I couldnt tell if she was joking or not…

    If she wasnt joking… shes disappointed… cause its now 18 years later, im now 36… zero grandkids.

    • Someone

      You are kidding, right?

      • Someone

        I'm not trying to be mean.

  • Nimstar

    I just turned 26…40mins ago…. I am not ready to have kids yet haha….not even close

  • "There is no way I could raise a child at age 26."

    Yea, I mean, my son would be a complete dork. Wait a second…..

  • I want to get that last panel as a coffee mug. It would be the perfect way to greet each new day.


    I once held the world record for youngness. Yep, pretty impressive stuff.

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  • Geeky

    Honestly I kinda wonder why they brought it up… Is it their subtle hint that he should’ve already be married and to have a child soon? Maybe I’m reading too much into that.
    Also, the parents must be 52 years old.