• ScarecrowNightmare

    Ah, isn't clipping in video games amazing? Especially when you clip through the floor and have to restart the entire game over <3

  • Oraticus

    Just look at your mini map until you're sure you'll end up in a room, then enter IDSPISPOPD and you should be fine (extra cool points if you catch the reference! (Disclaimer: offer only applicable in a world where these references are considered cool.)).

    • Milthar

      Doom reference?

  • Parco21

    Hey, the positive is he'll start hanging on the ceiling like Batman! 😀

    • Parco21

      Edit: I was wrong. Apparently they all thought they'd be batmans as well…. What a sad, unfortunate fate..

  • Jill


  • Quat

    If you can clip through the floor, you can probably clip back up it too. Just make a human tower !

  • Circuit Daemon

    Hey dude, I'm not sure what happened but today, when I clicked the "previous" button, it started loading the previous comic but as soon as it loaded, it redirected me to the "adult finder" website with a topless chick. Nice pair, but I guess it's not the look you are going for with your site. Keep up the good work!

    • I've been trying to hunt this down all night. I think I know which ad network is doing it, but I'm trying to reproduce it before I pull the plug

  • Diggy

    *inception music*